Halo Infinite And Progression Problems: 343I Works On A Solution

Despite the success, Halo Infinite’s Beta Multiplayer for free continues to be at the centre of controversy because of the progression system, which is not popular with shooter players.

Whether it’s Season 1 pass, Reach Heroes, or the mini-pass of the Frattura Tenrai event that will abandon the game tomorrow in the late afternoon, users find frustrating the mechanism through which to accumulate experience and climb the At the moment, in fact, the only way to gain experience is to complete random challenges, some of which are very complex due to the impossibility of selecting the mode or having access to specific vehicles.

But it seems that 343 Industries is perfectly aware and to confirm this was Jerry Hook, the Head of Design of the game, who published the following post on his official Twitter account:

“Yes, I’m still playing Halo and I understand the suffering of players for what concerns the progression system. We are back and next week this will have the top priority in the team’s list of things to do.”

It seems that soon we will see the release of an update of Halo Infinite that will upset the progression system and, probably, will allow players to get XP in proportion to the skills shown on the field.

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