Halo Infinite And Cut Contents: Former Artist 343 Exhibition Sanghelios In Beautiful Sketches

With fans of Master Chief continuing to discuss the social and industry forums behind the scenes for content cut from Halo Infinite’s campaign, former member of 343 Industries Josh Kao updates his Artstation profile to show some highlights.

The former Senior Concept Artist of 343 who left the subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios in 2020 to marry the cause of the new 31st Union studios created by Dead Space’s dad then decides to reopen a window on Halo Infini

By the same admission as the former member of 343 Industries and current Lead Concept Artist of 31st Union, the drafts in question are to be traced back to the work carried out by the team in charge of “compete the first explorations of the history of Halo In

The sketches shared by Kao seem to confirm, albeit indirectly, the indiscretions shared by Jason Schreier on the decision, taken in 2019 by the top 343 Industries, to cut two thirds of Halo Infinite’s content and reduce significantly the

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