Halo Infinite: An Entire Round Of Oddball Played On The New Streets Map

As part of its Halo Infinite coverage, the US IGN editorial staff has just offered us a gameplay video showing a whole round of Oddball mode played on the new Streets map set in New Mombasa.

Old knowledge of the saga, Oddball will compose together the Flag, Slayer and Stronghold the rose of the modes offered by the competitive component of Halo Infinite. The main goal of the two teams from four players who oppose is to recover skulls that appear on the map and keep control of them for as long as possible. The small Streets map, one of Halo Infinite’s new features, is well suited to the hectic Oddball match.

What do you think? Please note that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be totally free-to-play, and will be launched on the same day as the single-player campaign, which is next December 8. Recently, 343 Industries said that it is not interested in remakeing classic Halo multiplayer maps, while the editorial staff of the Digital Foundry experts have been dissatisfied with the graphic novelties from the Infinite campaign.

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