Halo Infinite: After Iron Man’s Armor, The Cat Ears Drive Everyone Crazy

This week saw the arrival of numerous cosmetic items for Halo Infinite, in recent days we have signaled the arrival of the Fire and Gel Bundle with Iron Man armor, now it seems that everyone has gone crazy for the package Cat L

For sale at the price of ten dollars/euro, this bundle includes cat ears for the helmet, available in various colors, as well as a series of charms and other aesthetic accessories dedicated to the world of cats. These are aesthetic objects that obviously have no influence in-game, yet it seems that the cat ears have become in a few extremely popular hours among the players of Halo Infinite, generating also several controversy about Reddit by the Zo

In recent weeks we have witnessed, for example, the arrival of the armor from Samurai in Halo Infinite and in all probability in the future we will see other skin of this type, some probably based also on collaborations with other popular franchises in the world of cinema Are you looking for free skin? On Everyeye.it find the guide to unlock all the Halo Infinite Christmas skin.

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