Halo Infinite, 343I Ensures: First Changes To The Battle Pass Within The Week

Following the controversy over Halo Infinite Battle Pass, 343 Industries had assured that they would take steps to meet the needs of players, although not revealing exactly when and what changes would affect the progression system.

Many have been disgruntled by the Battle Pass setup designed by developers for the new Halo, which requires you to complete specific challenges to get experience points and so climb level. From the Twitter words of the community manager of 343i, John Junyszek, it is confirmed that changes to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass will already arrive “in the course of the week.”

The manager has already revealed some of these changes: in addition to removing some weekly challenges and introducing other types of challenge, such as the “Play 1 Game” aimed at speeding up the accumulation of experience, while the 2XP Boost will last for a long time. Some bugs that are also challenging other challenges will also be solved to make them more balanced and functional. The upcoming update will result in zero progress in the ongoing weekly challenges: for this reason Junyszek ensures that all users will be rewarded with the Sigil Mark VII viewer, available for all those who will connect to the Beta Multiplayer of the game between

Junyszek ensures that these are just the first changes scheduled and that developers will continue to monitor the situation to make further changes over time. For many players leveling in Halo Infinite is frustrating: let’s see if you will see significant and satisfactory changes for the community with the first updates.

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