Halo Combat Evolved: Single Player Campaign Was Originally Absent

It seems that Halo Combat Evolved was originally without a single player campaign, as revealed by the authors of the Sci-Fi shooter in the new issue of Retro Gamer magazine.

Over twenty years after Master Chief’s debut, we continue to discover new backgrounds on what is today the gaming series on Xbox. As revealed by Stefen Sinclair, who was part of Bungie at the time, Halo Combat Evolved was initially intended as a game exclusively focused on the multiplayer.

“Halo has been developed as a multiplayer-based game since the beginning,” Sinclair said. The title, in short, had set itself the goal of being not only one of the top titles of the first Xbox, but also of being one of the first to exploit Microsoft’s online infrastructure, Xbox Live.

To date it is definitely strange to think of Halo as an exclusively multiplayer game. Although many are passionate about the online shooter section, it is really hard not to immediately reconnect the name of the game to characters like Flood, or to the first landing on the Halo Ring, or even to individual missions like The Silent Cartograph The Master Chief epic has expanded considerably over the years, until it reaches the open world formula of Halo Infinite.

Did you know that Halo Combat Evolved can be played with Ray Tracing thanks to the SPV3 mod?

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