Halo Combat Evolved: Bungie Wanted To Make It An Open World Game

Halo Infinite is the first chapter of Microsoft’s series to propose an open world game world in the single player campaign. It was a crucial change in the history of the Master Chief franchise, but it seems that the idea was in mind to the developers of Bungie since the development of the parent Halo Combat Evolved.

As Marcus Letho, Halo Combat Evolved art director for the first Xbox console, revealed, the studio today known for the Destiny series was ripening the desire to make the shooter an open title

Letho discussed the subject during a conversation with a fan, who said he was interested in discovering behind-the-scenes on Halo’s first chapter, and what Bungie would want to do more during the development process.

“Open world appearance is something you would have liked to work on more with Halo Combat Evolved,” is the question asked by user James Thornton. “Yes absolutely,” letho replied. “During the creation of the first demo the intent was to make it open world. The closest level to this idea we have realized was The silent cartographer.”

In the level mentioned by art designer, Master Chief and a group of marines UNSC landed on a small island to try to find a room that hid a map. In this area, the player was given great freedom of movement, which could move through beaches and hills; an unusual possibility in an era when first-person shooters were usually limiting from this point of view.

According to Marcus Letho, Halo Infinite brought back the magic created by Bungie with the first chapter of the series.

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