Half-Life: Fans Are About To Introduce Ray Tracing Support

Although the first Half-Life has not received an official update since 2019, when Valve published a surprise update, the shooter fans continue to work on it to improve its visual quality.

A small group of modders is working on the creation of Half-Life: Ray Traced, a new version of the now historic first-person shooter Valve that boasts full support for Ray Tracing, thus offering a As you can see in the teaser published on YouTube by the guys who are dealing with the development of the mod, the works are proceeding very well and the results can be noticed both on Dr. Freeman’s weapon and on the surfaces of the environment At the moment you do not know which is the launch window of the mod, but according to the modders you can download everything you need completely free of charge through the official page of the project on GitHub.

Before leaving you to the movie presentation of the mod and waiting for its official publication, we remind you that Valve changed in the race Half-Life after playing GoldenEye 007 Rare.

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