Half-Life Alyx On Playstation Vr2? Agreement Between Sony And Valve According To An Insider

Half-Life Alyx is considered one of the best VR titles ever made for PCs. As also reported in our review of Half Life Alyx, Valve brought back the famous franchise with the bang, making the most of the capacity of augmented reality to give life to a unique experience.

The work was confined to PC devices only, but never saw the arrival of a PlayStation VR version. But with the announcement of PlayStation VR2, things could change, at least according to the Twitter release by Spheshal Nick, founder of the XboxEra portal. The well-known insider confirmed this possibility by responding to a message from Benji-Sales, an expert in statistics and sales data related to the video gaming world.

“I wonder if Sony and Valve will find a deal to bring Half-Life Alyx to PlayStation VR2,” Benji-Sales asks, praising the game, adding that “it would be a profitable deal for both sides Spheshal Nick then intervened, suggesting that contacts between the two parties have already been there: “As far as I am told, the agreement is there. I don’t know when it’s gonna happen. That this is a secret from Pulcinella?”

Given that the announcement of PlayStation VR2 at CES 2022 is still very fresh, it is very premature to assume that the last Half-Life will arrive on Sony’s new viewer, so Spheshal Nick’s words must be taken Would you like to play Half-Life Alyx on PSVR2?

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