Guillermo Del Toro Is Holding Back Enthusiasm: ‘I’m Not Working On A New Silent Hill’

A moment that made a lot of discussion about The Game Awards 2021 was Guillermo Del Toro’s speech: the famous Mexican director explicitly mentioned Silent Hill when announcing the winner of the category “Best Art Direction”

The film director’s dramatic statement, together with some strange tweets between Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley about the rumors about Silent Hill’s possible return, unleashed fan fantasies leading to the hypothesis And just as originally planned for the now deleted Silent Hills, Kojima and Del Toro would be involved again.

However, Del Toro himself cools his spirits during his speech at the Happy Sad Confused podcast, confirming that he is not working on any Silent Hill project. “No, not at all,” was his dry answer to a question about his possible involvement in the return of the franchise. The appreciated screenwriter then paused on the end of Silent Hills, revealing that what was claimed during the TGA 2021 was a sort of provocation towards Konami. The stop to work on Silent Hills “is one of the things that happened in my life that make no sense. Let’s just say I wanted to tease Konami, because I just don’t understand. It was so perfect, what we were doing was really intriguing.”

The return of the series also focused on its creator, Keiichiro Toyama, who on a possible sequel or remake of Silent Hill expressed all his perplexities and opinions on what should be done for a return to the scene really noteworthy.

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