Guillermo Del Toro Confirms: ‘I Will Never Work On A Video Game Again’

Guillermo del Toro seems to have the very clear ideas: he does not intend to be more involved in the development of a video game as an active part following the cancellation of the projects that would have also brought his name. The famous Mexican director made this confession during an intervention at the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

During the same transmission, among other things, Guillermo del Toro confirms that he is not working on a new Silent Hill, thus denouncing speculations about the existence of a new chapter after his comments expressed during the ceremony of The Game Awards During the podcast, Taurus added that, while appreciating the video game world as “an exercise in storytelling,” it is not seen in the coming years involved in the development of new projects.

“I don’t think I’m going to develop another game,” said the writer, who calls himself the “gaming albatross.” A decision that can be understandable considering the complicated relationship between Taurus and video games: in addition to the cancellation of Silent Hills in 2015, where he was involved in the role of director together with Hideo Kojima, the work on his In was interrupted before.

Guillermo del Toro was involved in Death Stranding, lending his features for the polygonal model of Deadman. In this regard, our review of Death Stranding Director’s Cut will reveal all the details about the PS5 reissue of the title made by Kojima.

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