Guild Of Guardians Is A New Nft-Based Mobile Rpg Action

Stepico’s developers, supported by the publisher Immutable, also participate in the revolution of blockchain and NFT with Guild of Guardians, a new RPG addressed to mobile devices that will allow its players to earn and exchange assets in

Guild of Guardians is described by its creators as a free-to-play RPG action with fantasy atmospheres and a particular predisposition to cooperative multiplayer, which will allow its players to compete with other guilds to get prizes Stepico developers ensure that the game will not turn into a pay-to-win, since they are focusing a lot on aging the skills, strategies and core of the gameplay. The absence of PvP would also be the key to preventing this danger.

“Players spend 100 billions every year to buy gaming items that they don’t really own,” explains Stepico. “This is wrong. Players deserve to own and exchange assets for real money. This is why we are creating a mobile RPG in which users can transform their passion into NFT.” Guild of Guardians will allow its players to own assets in the form of NFTs thanks to blockchain technology based on the Ethereum network. Developers will also use Immutable X, a solution based on Ethereum designed to be safe, decentralized and scalable.

The design phase of Guild of Guardians began in 2020, but the actual development was conducted in 2021. Currently it is not possible to play it (access is only allowed to a limited number of testers), but official launch is expected in early 2022 on mobile devices. While waiting, enjoy the movie trailer and a video gameplay from the Pre-Alpha. You can follow its development by keeping an eye on the official website or by joining the Guild of Guardians Discord server.

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