Guild Of Guardians And The Sandbox: Metaversi’s Crossover Event

As the interest of companies like Square Enix for NFTs grows progressively, the first collaborations between video games that are based on the blockchain also begin to emerge. In this regard, the first crossover event between Guild of Guardians and The Sandbox has recently been announced.

The action RPG for mobile devices and the Metaverso that is getting more and more on track thanks to the participation of artists like Steve Aoki in the Metaverso are in fact hosting an event that will allow players to use the characters of Guild of Guardians inside Participating in the event will not be very easy and will require you to follow a whole series of steps. According to the development team, Stepico, there will be three GoG characters that can be used in The Sandbox: Lia, Miera and Varik. To receive these heroes in a random way will be the players who have ‘evoked’ such characters in a recent sale in NFT game and who have an account of The Sandbox connected to the same portfolio on which is also present the NFT of Guild

Here is what the price of the three characters should be:

100 Sandbox SAND Lias (Legendary Hero)

300 Sandbox SAND Miera (Epic Hero)

1000 Sandbox SAND Varik (Rar Hero)

It should be noted that Guild of Guardians and The Sandbox characters will not coincide and, as explained on the official website, it will be two separate and separate NFTs. It also seems that the development teams are currently looking for new ways to interact with the two Metaversi.

Waiting to know more, we remind you that on our pages you will find the Sandbox trial with all the details on its operation.

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