Gta Trilogy: What’s The Name Of The Vice City Protagonist?

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition promises to be a welcome surprise for fans of the Rockstar series: the package includes remastered editions of classics such as GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, ready to show up in a graphic appearance

In particular GTA Vice City has always enjoyed great consideration from the historical fans of the franchise: to make it immortal was not only its atmosphere 80s with its soundtrack inspired by that decade (and still today considered the best ever offered by the series), but also Remember who the lead in Vice City is? He is Thomas “Tommy” Vercetti, a former member of the Forelli criminal family who, after 15 years in prison, is sent to Vice City to conclude a big drug deal with the Vance brothers.

The exchange ends badly because of the intervention of a group of hit men, who kill Vic Vance forcing Tommy to escape. The man reports to his boss, Sonny Forelli, of what happened, unleashing his wrath. Vercetti must therefore find out who organized the attack during the exchange, with the aim of recovering both drugs and the millions of dollars belonging to the Forelli. But with proper contact and dirty work on behalf of powerful men, soon Tommy’s criminal life will take a different turn.

Ready to relive his deeds from November 11, 2021? Please note how much GTA Trilogy Vice City weighs on PS5. Finally, don’t miss the screenshots of the protagonists in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.

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