Gta Trilogy, What A Mess! Fans Want A Refund, The Hot Coffee Mini-Game Comes Out

Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition has unfortunately become the protagonist of an extremely troubled launch: the numerous technical problems are negatively affecting the experience of the video players, who – exasperated –

On the net there are numerous angry fans who can’t ignore the bad models of characters, inaccurate animations, interconnections, audio problems and continuous crashes of the games included in the collection, and who are therefore asking Rock The company, flooded with complaints, is granting refunds to all those who make explicit request on the website of the support. The page does not offer a special section for GTA: The Trilogy, however you can use the cards dedicated to individual games to make the request.

Chaos also on the PC front: The Rockstar Game Launcher is back online after initial troubles, however does not allow you to purchase GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition for PC. The company temporarily removed the collection from the sale as the original package included data that should not have been present. We’re talking about unlicensed music, the full scripts of the three games (including cut or absent content), the notes of the developers of Rockstar North of the time, and even the data of the controversial sexy mini-game Hot Coffee of San The mini-game (which saw CJ having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend) was not normally accessible in the original version of GTA San Andreas, but at the time the modders were able to extract data from the disks for PS2 and X Data that apparently also the Groove Street Games boys, who are responsible for the work on the Definitive Edition, forgot to remove.

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