Gta Trilogy: Preload Is Now Also Active On Ps4 And Playstation 5

As promised, at midnight today, Rockstar Games triggered the pre-loading of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition data on PlayStation 4 and PS5. Players holding Xbox One and Nintendo Switch had already been given this opportunity on the afternoon of yesterday November 5.

Thanks to the preload, PlayStation home players can also get very prepared for the launch of the collection, which in its digital version can be played from 15:00 on Thursday 11 November (the physical release is scheduled for 7pm). Here’s how much the PS4 versions of the three games included in the collection weigh:

GTA 3 : 5,293 GB

: 5,293 GB GTA Vice City: 10,768 GB

: 10,768 GB GTA San Andreas: 22,679 GB

It went less well, instead, to PC players, who cannot benefit from the early download of data and consequently have to wait until the game exits. On the other hand, those who buy it from the Rockstar Store or the Rockstar Games Launcher will receive a discount of 10 euros, valid for the purchase of a product of 15 euros or more by January 16.

Meanwhile, we recommend you take a look at these new screenshots taken from GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, which highlight the graphic improvements made by Grove Street Games developers.

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