Gta Trilogy: No Maps In The Physical Edition, Fans Are Disappointed

After a slight postponement for the physical editions of GTA Trilogy, the album collection of the Definitive Edition of the three classic Rockstar (GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas) is now ready for its debut. In fact, someone has already come into possession of a copy, making a bitter discovery for long-standing fans.

The physical versions for PS4 and Xbox One, in fact, inside contain only the game disk and nothing else. Although the lack of iconic instruction books has been a normal feature for years, this also means the absence of the paper map, a custom within the packages of each episode of Grand Theft Auto and always very appreciated by players. The decision could perhaps be linked to a possible difficulty in including maps of all three titles in the package, but this did not avoid discontent from users.

A video unboxing has already spread on Reddit, showing how the game just discarded is completely free of content outside the disk, thus causing disappointment of fans who have commented negatively on Rockstar’s decision. The negative spiral that involves GTA Trilogy continues, the victim of a difficult launch due to a long series of technical problems. The GTA Trilogy 1.03. patch has solved many problems, but further interventions in the near future are not excluded to further adjust a situation that is not yet impeccable.

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