Gta Trilogy Definitive Edition: This Is How Much Vice City Weighs On Ps5

Among the information about Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition unveiled in the afternoon we also find the size of Vice City, the second of the three games included in the bundle.

In this case the space occupied by the adventures of Tommy Vercetti will be greater than those of the third chapter, since the version PlayStation 5 of Vice City will weigh as much as 10,768 GB without the possible patch of day one, of As for the preload, it follows the same rule as all PlayStation games and anyone who has booked a digital copy of the game can download all the files from 9 November 2021, i.e. two days ahead of the release.

Please note that Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition will arrive in digital stores starting November 11, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also download the GTA San Andreas – Definitive Edition console without additional costs, while PlayStation Now users will have access to GTA 3 in December.

Have you read the weight information of the PlayStation 5 version of GTA 3 in the GTA Trilogy?

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