Gta Trilogy: Can Tommy And Claude Swim?

GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition has been available since 11 November 2021: fans can relive under a new look beloved productions such as GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. But apart from technical differences, the collection does not seem to have any other particular changes.

A peculiar feature of the third chapter and of Vice City, truly never too much loved by the community, is the fact that their respective protagonists, Claude Speed and Tommy Vercetti, were unable to swim: touching waters even significantly Claude and Tommy can swim in GTA Trilogy now? As already witnessed by various videos scattered across the net, the answer is no: both still face an instant death if they fall into the sea, leading to the eventual failure of the current mission and forcing the player to start again from the nearest hospital.

It is the rest of Remastered, and as such remained as faithful to the original games in terms of content and mechanics. The different speech for CJ, protagonist of San Andreas, who is not only perfectly able to swim, but also addresses specific missions that require an underwater approach during the adventure.

Given the playful loyalty with the productions released for the first time on PS2, this means that GTA Vice City’s tricks, like those of the other two games, are still valid for all versions of the collection. Do you know why Claude from GTA 3 doesn’t talk?

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