Gta The Trilogy: Rockstar Has Also Made A Mistake On His Own Logo!

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has arrived on the market in a state so disassembled that it induces Rockstar Games to apologize publicly and admit that the collection does not meet the standards that would deserve three classics of

These days is going around the net a screenshot that highlights one of the many imperfections of the collection. This, however, has some absurdity: apparently, the developers who took care of the collection (the Americans at Groove Streets Games) have even managed to miss the Rockstar Games logo itself. In one of the villas in Vice City you can find a swimming pool that has the shape of the famous R with the star, a welcome Easter egg that was also present in the original. In the Remastered, however, the symbol was mistakenly reproduced on the mini-map: if you look at the attached image below, you can see that the Rockstar star has a shape clearly different from the original one, with an extra tip! Of course, the mistake was made by third-party developers, but the responsibility lies also and especially on the shoulders of Rockstar Games, which is extremely funny.

The developers are working to put a piece to all the problems of the collection: last night came the first of a series of updates for GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, which solved a lot of bugs As a sign of apology, Rockstar also announced that it will re-upload the original classics on PC and give them to all those who have purchased the trilogy on the Rockstar Store.

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