Gta Online The Contract: The Huge Narrative Expansion With Dr. Dre Is Available

As promised at the announcement of GTA Online The Contract, Rockstar Games representatives will be looking forward to updating the multiplayer component of GTA 5 to make room for the new, huge narrative expansion with Franklin, Dr. Dre and many

The new adventure to live in the online universe of Grand Theft Auto V follows the events of the main campaign to let us participate in the activities conducted by Franklin in the Solutions Agency for VIP, a fictional organization that helps the elite of Vinewood to

Together with Franklin and his friend Lamar Davis, our task is to bring the agency to success through the completion of missions that will help the organization to acquire new contacts and establish alliances with the big players of Los Santos. The list of potential clients of the VIP Solutions Agency will be named Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh’s great friend.

In a strictly playful way, The Contract expands the range of tasks to be performed both alone and with its friends, adds numerous missions of free choice, introduces even more original job opportunities and brings in many new features to GTA Online Radio Stations There are also new weapons and many additional vehicles to be acquired, advancing in the challenges offered by the adventure of the VIP Solutions Agency.

The narrative expansion The Contract is available today, December 15, with the latest free update of GTA Online for PC and consoles.

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