Gta Online: Rewards At Diamond Casino And A Gift For Buyers Of Gta Trilogy

The perennial expansion size of GTA Online receives a new update. Rockstar Games invite all explorers of the multiplayer component of GTA 5 to complete new activities at the Diamond Casino to receive special rewards, but sono. There is also a gift for GTA Trilogy players.

Let’s start with the usual weekly bonus round for GTA Online users. Starting today, Thursday, November 18, you can get GTA$ and RP double in the Diamond Casino charges in the missions of its history, as well as triple rewards in the Diamond Competition mode series and diamonds in the

This week, the Casino and Resort Diamond will be the epicentre of the activities planned by Rockstar to entertain users of GTA Online: those who will have the courage and tenacity to take down a truck full of diamonds will be rewarded The completion of the Final Shot by November 24 also guarantees the free unlock of the classic red Diamond T-shirt. Participants in the Diamond Competition series will also earn triple rewards until November 24.

As specified above, moreover, all buyers of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition that will access the servers of GTA Online will be able to obtain the iconic suit from Prison of Liberty City: to redeem this garment If you missed it, here is our review of GTA Trilogy.

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