Gta Online, Red Dead Online: Update Postponed Because Of Gta Trilogy? A Leader Talks About It

According to the rumors collected by the well-known leader Tez2, Rockstar’s top players would have decided to solve the problems of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition by hijacking a substantial part of their workforce on the patches of the collection, even at cost

Discussing the topic with the many fans of Grand Theft Auto disappointed by the lack of commitment of the authors of the remasters of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, the famous “deep gorge” specialized in the grande R game leaks

According to the anticipations collected by Tez2, therefore, the leader argues that “there is a concrete possibility that the launch windows of the upcoming GTA Online and Red Dead Online updates have been moved forward compared to the usual publication times of

Regardless of the truthfulness or not of these rumors, Rockstar has already made it known that it has activated to solve as soon as possible all the problems that have damaged GTA Trilogy at the launch, between interventions to close technical flaws and updates that can bring

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