Gta Online, Is A New Map Coming?

It seems that GTA Online is preparing to host a new map, at least according to what the leader Matheusvictorbr, very active when it comes to the Rockstar Games series and that he had already talked about a possible further postponement for GTA

Featured Rockstar plans were to launch a standalone version of GTA Online for 2021. But with the continuous growth and evolution of GTA Online it became necessary to have a graphic engine that can withstand with precision the constant future expansion,” explains the insider, who adds: “As they are doing a re-adaptation, as I had already said a little bit I can’t say much, but pack the bags.

This last statement has been interpreted by many as the possibility that a new map, perhaps set even in a new setting, can be coming in the very popular online title. As usual, however, these are mere speculations resulting from the reinterpretation of Matheusvictorbr’s words. Rockstar has not given any clues about the future of GTA Online at the moment, and you are waiting to find out if GTA Online will really or not receive other expansions in The Contract style in 2022, after the great success achieved by GTA Online

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