Gta 6 ‘Will Be Different From The Past’: The Important Reflections Of A Founder Of Rockstar

In an interview with the curators of Killaz’s YouTube channel, former Rockstar Games executive reflected on the future of the Grand Theft Auto series and, discussing GTA 6, claimed that

At the microphones of Killaz, the former board member who founded Rockstar Games exposed his point of view on GTA 6 and the voices of the corridor that are accompanying its development.

In reconnecting with the discussions initiated by the community on the possible softening of Rockstar satirical tones with GTA Trilogy, King candidly admitted that “I would not be surprised to see a change in the tones of the series I just think maybe it’s more appropriate for them to adopt softer tones now, even though they never did. Or am I wrong?”

The former Rockstar executive reiterates the concept and takes credit for the managerial changes that have taken place within the Grande R over the last few years, declaring that “they have an incredible machine and should strive to push it to the maximum, but if I look at the But I think culturally, both in Rockstar North and Rockstar New York, you really feel the lack of personalities like Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser. Yes, from this point of view there will certainly be differences from the past.”

Do you also have the same perplexities as Jamie King about the future of Grand Theft Auto and the mature tones of GTA 6? Before leaving you to comment, we refer you to our latest special on the forgotten games of Grand Theft Auto waiting for GTA 6.

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