Gta 6: This Year’s Release Is In 2023? The New Rumor On Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto VI has not yet been officially presented by Rockstar Games, but while waiting for the US software house to make its highly anticipated announcement, the rumors continue to chase around the new ambitious chapter of the open world series

The new voice of the corridor is Tez2, insider which mainly deals with Rockstar Games productions. According to a recent post, software house and Take-Two Interactive publisher will announce their next game during 2022, and then publish it on the market next year.

It is to be said that the explicit name of GTA 6 does not come up, but it is difficult to think of another Rockstar Games production that is not part of the famous sandbox series. It is highly unlikely that this is a Red Dead Redemption project, and the only plausible alternative seems to be Bully 2. However, a report by Game Informer has spoken of a game that has been wrecked and put aside for more than a decade now. Rockstar was planning to make Bully 2 a game as big as GTA Vice City.

In any case, considering the considerable amount of rumors around the title, we invite you to take the news with extreme caution and continue to patiently wait for an official announcement. According to other sources, the development of GTA VI is in chaos and many franchise fans are likely to be disappointed.

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