Gta 6 Like 007 Movies: The Wait Increases The Desire For The Big Event, For Take-Two

During the speech by Strass Zelnick at Virtual Global Interactive Entertainment, Take-Two’s CEO discussed the strategy implemented by the gaming giant in turning the launches of the new titles of the

Interacting with the many enthusiasts and industry staff who came to the conference to listen to his words, Take-Two’s CEO explained that “if it’s a series it’s really great, it will continue to go on. Let’s think of 007: I don’t know if you’ve seen the new James Bond movie, it’s a great product. Everyone wants every franchise they own to be like James Bond. If I look at the entertainment industry as a whole, there are very few franchisees in this special category but they exist and I think GTA is part of it. Read Dead is also part of it, as well as NBA, which, of course, is a basketball game that will continue to exist.”

Discussion of the different approach adopted in the serialization of sports titles and new IP chapters such as Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, BioShock or Civilization, Zelnick emphasizes how “I have always said that the annualization of For the same reason, we intentionally put the titles to rest so that demand grows to turn their launch into a special event.”

As Take-Two’s CEO himself points out, “no franchise is permanent, but it can be very, very lasting. If I go to James Bond movies, it’s because one doesn’t come out every two months. And in doing so, I will continue to watch all future Bond films.”

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