Gta 6: Did Rockstar Hide The First Image In The Gta Trilogy?

A new theory is drawing the attention of many users that Rockstar Games would hide some clues about GTA 6 within the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition.

It all starts from the presence of high definition images on the wall of a UFO room inside GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. One of the many photos on the wall would be, according to fans, the very first image of Ghent Theft Auto 6. The shot shows a real home and located in Miami, where users believe the sixth chapter of the Rockstar Games series will be set. After careful research, fans tried to look for the photo in the same house, also present in GTA 5, without finding it. The presence of the shot in the room dedicated to UFO theme images is, always according to the fans, a clear clue from the developers to tease lovers of this kind of theories.

In any case, there is nothing confirmed and at the moment we can only observe the findings of fans shared on the forums.

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