Gta 6: ‘Development Is In Chaos, Many Fans Will Be Disappointed’, According To An Insider

I don’t pay any consideration about the possible approach to The Last of Us for Star Wars Eclipse, the self-serving insider AccNGT is re-facing on social media to provide anticipations on GTA 6 and its development.

In reconnecting with the latest reflections on the change of tone and direction of GTA 6 evoked by a founder of Rockstar, the “deep gorge” is addressed directly to Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts to warn them and invite them to

According to the insider, in fact, “some people do not realize how chaotic the development of GTA 6 can be. I really think that many fans will be greatly disappointed by some aspects of the game, even if not from a purely graphic point of view.”

In light of these anticipations coming from an internal source in Rockstar, according to the insider, it all suggests that “if GTA 6 is officially announced at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2022, there will be real concern.” The GTA 6 reveal in this time span, the insider suggests, would mean to see the announcement of a project not yet ready and, therefore, inevitably destined to disappoint the huge expectations of fans.

As usual, we invite those who follow us to take care of this kind of indiscretions with due care and to consider them for what they are, that is, rumors from sources of doubtful reliability. The speech about the latest news about GTA Online The Contract, the next narrative expansion of GTA V multiplayer with Franklin and Dr. Dre officially announced by Rockstar in recent days, is quite different.

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