Gta 6 Could Be The Only New Rockstar Game For Ps5 And Xbox Series X Plus

Just a few hours ago we talked about the possibility of reviewing a re-edition of the first Red Dead Redemption accompanied by an update for the latest generation consoles of the second chapter. The same source of these hallway voices also spoke of Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to the recent Twitter user’s statements “AccountNGT,” Rockstar Games would have no intention of devoting itself to more projects in the coming years. If the words of the alleged insider were to find confirmation, it would mean that the only new game of the company coming in during the current generation of consoles, namely PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Obviously we talk about new games, which means that in the speech we do not consider graphically updated versions of titles already on the market, among which we find the remastered of Grand Theft Auto V and the vocalized reissue of the first Red Dead Redemption

Pending confirmation or denial by the stakeholders, we remind you that Take Two has acquired Zynga, the giant of mobile gaming.

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