Gta 5: The Most Realistic Mod Ever With Ray Tracing And Volumetric Lighting

The YouTube Digital Dreams channel has released a new spectacular video showcase dedicated to the “most realistic hack of all time” of GTA V on PC. After changing buildings and traffic with the previous mod, this last work also evolves the lighting and reflections of the open world of Rockstar Games.

Digital Dreams has combined a series of mods (QuantV, GTAV 5Real and Streetlights, and Volumetrics) to achieve a next-gen effect on a title that, in fact, comes from the seventh generation videolu The video we brought you back to the top of the news takes you on a walk through Los Santos, showing off the visual power of this mod both day and night, as well as in different weather conditions, and moving from the third to the first person.

Modders continue to evolve tirelessly the graphics segment of GTA V, whose original debut dates back to 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. After working on a first upgrade for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and porting PC, Rockstar Games is about to release GTA V Enchanced Edition on PlayStation 5 and X

Meanwhile GTA V has exceeded 155 million copies sold, while the total series has gone beyond 355 million units.

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