Gta 5: The Contract By Gta Online Is The Real Follow-Up To Franklin’s Story

The Contract by GTA Online introduces new missions set after the final canonical of GTA 5 and see Franklin, Lamar and Dr. Dre as protagonists. This is the real follow-up to the history of Grand Theft Auto V, an unmissable event for fans of the free roaming kolossal Rockstar Games.

Available from December 15 as a free update for all GTA 5 owners, The Contract follows the main campaign events to let us participate in the new activities conducted by Franklin in the VIP Solutions Agency, an organization dedicated to the “problem resolution” of the e

With the help of Lamar Davis, the task entrusted to players is particularly simple and, at the same time, tremendously difficult, that is to go after customers for the Franklin Solutions Agency by tightening alliances and contacts with the big players of Los

Starting from the narrative canopy of the main campaign, Rockstar decided to extend its perimeter to help us witness the birth of Franklin’s new “business creation.” In the background of the missions of this supplement to the main campaign we find many new playful represented, for example, by the updating of GTA Online Radio Stations and the introduction of a plethora of vehicles, weapons and unpublished assignments.

If you want to know more about this important narrative expansion and its rich unpublished content, our advice can only be to stay on the pages of to read our special on GTA Online The Contract and the links with G

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