Gta 5: The Canonical Final Was Confirmed By The New Update Of Gta Online

The immortal GTA Online has just received The Contract, a new great free narrative expansion that sees the return of Franklin Clinton, one of the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V now become manager of F. Clinton and associates, an agency

The expansion accompanies up to 4 players in an adventure full of familiar faces, such as Lamar Davis, and known, as Dr. Dre: rapper and record producer is a client of the agency who asks for help to solve a case of theft that risks costing him

In addition to the many new activities and additional game hours, The Contract also offers a valuable clarification to Grand Theft Auto 5 players, confirming the final canonical of the fifth chapter of the series and closing the debate once and for all. In one of the missions, which ends with a pursuit on board a golf cart inside a movie set, Franklin says: “Man, I know one of the producers in these parts. I hope your ass isn’t at work today.” The man he refers to is clearly Michael De Santa, who apparently works as a producer for Solomon Records in 2021 at Richards Majestic Studios.

This new clue, which definitely confirms that Michael is still alive, therefore goes to reinforce the theory that the canonical finale of Grand Theft Auto 5 is the C, in which all survive. The hypothesis had already been endorsed by a line of dialogue by Tao Cheng in the update Diamond & Casino Diamond of 2019, which alluded to events that only took place in the final C. In the update Smuggler’s If you have a clouded memory, review the GTA 5 finals.

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