Gta 5 Spins On Game Boy, The Miraculous Porting Of A Modder

YouTube there offeredta be has published a video showing GTA V in action on the first Game Boy. Impossible? Actually, thanks to a special cartridge, the miraculous porting saw the light, but clearly it is far from playable.

The author says he used an original Game Boy not modified together with a special Wi-Fi cartridge of his creation, thanks to which he could port, it is not simply a matter of streaming the game on Game Boy but of re

How does GTA V behave on Game Boy? Obviously not optimally, the game runs at 20fps not stable and there are many limitations related to screen quality, the absence of buttons and of course hardware. unthinkable to play GTA on Game Boy in short, even if the only fact that the game can start and that you can play some sequences is definitely positive, the modder who will convert will continue to experiment to overcome the technical limitations of the platform.

Meanwhile, the game is referred to as a possible postponement of GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with the next-gen version of the game that will not arrive in March but in the spring forwarded according to some insiders.

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