Gta 4 Embraces Nextgen With Liberty Visual: The Incredible Mod Shows Up In Video

While the remaster of GTA 4 is coming in in 2023, the OrangeBrains modder shows the latest progress on Liberty Visual, the expansion of the fan made that it is working on, is not hinting at the soft noises on the web.

In describing his project, the modder explains that he wants to draw on the computational power of the most advanced PC gaming configurations to transform Liberty City into a virtual photorealistic metropolis.

The OrangeBrains mod, in this case, implements textures and polygonal models with very high resolution in all the elements that make up the scene as palaces, cars and pedestrians. No less important are the interventions made in the environmental lighting system and in the management of particle effects, also here with many changes related to reflective materials, shadows and volumetric effects.

The Liberty Visual project is currently in Early Access and can only be downloaded by those who participate in the Patreon campaign of its creator: amateur expansion, however, will be distributed free of charge once Before leaving you to comment, we refer you to the latest rumors about chaos in the development of GTA 6 cited by several self-styled Rockstar Games leaders.

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