Gta 3 Was Supposed To Be An Exclusive Xbox: Microsoft Refused Rockstar’s Proposal!

By now completely twenty years old, Grand Theft Auto III has recently made a complicated return to the scene, thanks to the publication of the critical Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition.

However, it seems that, despite the age, there are still several mysteries to discover about the history of production. Well, one of these has recently been unveiled by the interesting Power On: The History of Xbox documentary series. Published by Microsoft and now available in a completely free way, the production recalls the path that led to the entry of Redmond’s giant into the video game market.

Telling successes, challenges, failures and curious background, Power On: The History of Xbox raises the curtain on a key moment in the history of the medium, in a path composed of six exciting episodes. During the episodes, it is even discovered that Grand Theft Auto III could have been an exclusive of the first Xbox. Rockstar Games himself had in fact advanced the proposal to Microsoft, at the time in search of prestigious partnerships that could accompany the debut of the console. However, the documentary reveals, this opportunity was not exploited by the company. The reasons? It seems that the Xbox team was not convinced that GTA III could really score the Rockstar series from 2D to 3D. And basically, according to Microsoft, the two chapters had not been “sufficient success.”

In short, a decision that has not aged very well, but that in the six episodes of Power On: The History of Xbox comes if only faced with funny irony!

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