Grid Legends Comes Out In February: Details About Gameplay And Post-Launch Content In The First Video

As promised by Codemasters in recent days, Electronic Arts subsidiary has released the first video gameplay of GRID Legends and seized the opportunity to announce the launch date of their simcade, set for February 25, 2022

The playful and content system of the new chapter of the GRID racing series promises to be as rich as stratified, with numerous ways to access and features designed to make the gaming experience even more immersive.

In describing the efforts made in GRID Legends, the Codies boys explain that “the game will be characterized by a gameplay full of action, a great variety and innovative modes that will thrill all fans of motor sports”. The wide range of GRID Legends modes will include a social space populated with competitive multiplayer challenges in which you can create unique races. Of particular interest is also the Driven to Glory mode, a Career characterized by a deep narrative structure and focused on hyperrealism, or at least this is the promise Codemasters makes to all those who are like this.

Booking the latest engine effort of Codemasters will also ensure access to the Double Seneca and Ravenwest Package, a DLC that will unlock four additional cars (Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962C

As for the post-launch phase, the Codies promise to publish “four huge packages of Premium downloadable content, all with expansions for Driven to Glory, new cars, circuits, types of events, customization objects and more.” The buyers of the Deluxe Edition will have immediate access to these DLCs, while those who opt for the standard version of GRID Legends will be able to purchase them separately.

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