Granblue Fantasy Versus Updates With New Characters And Two Different Editions

New arrivals for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Cygames and Arc System Works announced the arrival of Vira and Avatar Belial as part of the Vira & Avatar Belial Additional Character Set DLC

Anyone who buys the downloadable content will receive a code to redeem the Forbidden Alter Ego Outfit for Lapis Merit in Granblue Fantasy Mobile. The news doesn’t end here, however, because the publisher Cygames announced the arrival of two more editions of the game called Granblue Fantasy Versus Legendary Edition and Granblue Fantasy Versus Value Edition.

The Legendary Edition will be released in digital format on December 14 (in physical format in March 2022) and will include in addition to the game the following contents:

Bonus 1: An item of your choice between Gold Brick (x1), Sunlight Stone (x1), Sephira Evolite (x1), Damascus Crystal (x10)

Bonus 2: MC Plus outfit Forbidden ALter Ego and Lapis Merit (x1)

Bonus 3: 11 codes for all characters in Character Pass 1 and 2, an Astral weapon, all costumes and stickers

All characters of the Seasons 1 and 2

Vira and Avatar Belial with their respective alternative costumes

The Value Edition will be sold at budget price (2,170 yen, about 17 euros at current exchange rate) and will include the game and all characters except codes to redeem bonus content. Finally, it is announced that the update 2.70 of Granblue Fantasy Versus will arrive on December 14th also have been announced the updates 2.7x for spring and the update 2.80 for summer 2022.

Did You Know? Granblue Fantasy Versus 2 could be released on PS5 even if the game has not yet been officially announced.

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