Gran Turismo 7 And The Potential Of Photo Mode: New Video With Yamauchi

The series “Behind the Scenes” dedicated to Gran Turismo 7 continues without a pause, the new iteration of the historic car saga that bears the indelible signature of Kazunori Yamauchi. It is the CEO of Polyphony Digital who accompanies us in the new video that we have brought back to the opening.

The video is this time focused on “Scapes,” the peculiar photographic mode of Gran Turismo 7 with which virtual drivers can frame their own cockpits within evocative settings. Yamauchi tells us about his passion for photography, cultivated since childhood, and how it was possible for him to bring her back to life thanks to the tool first implemented in Gran Turismo Sport, and then re-proposed within the expected seventh chapter

Scapes allows you to transpose your favorite cars into particularly suggestive locations, thus creating a combination of beauty and stylistic refinement. Photo Mode has allowed users to express their imagination in Gran Turismo Sport, and will be able to do the same in GT7.

We remind you that Gran Turismo 7 will be published exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on March 4, 2022. The previous diary video presented us with the livery editor. For more details on the automotive simulation, please refer to our Grand Turismo 7 Preview.

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