Gotham Knights: When Does The Game Wb Games Montreal Come Out?

Gotham Knights is the game that will bring us back to the world of Batman (in this regard, Gotham Knights is set in the Arkhamverse?), as the four heirs of the Dark Knight: The title WB Games Montreal will come on new and old-generation platforms, but when does it come out?

Initially announced by the end of 2021, WB Games Montreal recently had to postpone the game for 2022. To allow a greater finishing to the product, as stated by the developers, it was therefore decided for a shift of the official release, which could take place throughout the course of the next year, not being specified a specific period. Although a promotional image found on the net, and then deleted, seemed to indicate spring 2022 as the launch window of Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is an open world that is strongly focused on the co-op component, and with a certain amount of RPG elements related to the development of the four playable characters. At this point in the history of the city, Batman died and four members of the ‘bat-family’ gathered his witness of city guardians. Waiting to find out more, here is the story trailer of Gotham Knights with the Court of Owls.

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