Gog.Com, The Store Is In Loss: Cd Projekt Renovates The Drm Free Store

Video game store owned by the Projekt CD group, GOG.com has been active for some time now on the market for video game distribution in the PC ecosystem.

The digital store operates within the framework of a very specific commercial philosophy: within the GOG.com catalogue, you can find exclusively free DRM games. Over the years, the activities related to the operation of the platform have expanded, until the presentation of the GOG Galaxy program has been incorporated. At the moment, however, the project does not seem to be delivering the desired results.

At a recent financial meeting, the leadership of CD Projekt RED confirmed that the financial balance of GOG.com is negative. In particular, in the last quarter economic losses were quantified for a total of $1.14 million. A condition that has prompted the Polish team to re-evaluate the economic and design commitment infused into the store, despite the positive results recorded by GOG.com in 2020.

In the near future, a scaling plan will be implemented, which will restore the original focus of GOG.com, or host “a careful selection of games” that meet the requirements of the absence of DRM. Developers engaged in supporting other areas of the store will instead be assigned to other sections of CD Projekt RED.

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