Godfall Challenger Edition Launches On Pc, Ps4 And Ps5: Weighs Like The Original

Gearbox social media precedes Godfall Challenger Edition’s publication with the unmissable launch video that outlines the contents of this chat about the re-edition of the sci-fi action developed by Counterplay Games that

The Challenger Edition guarantees access to all modes, activities and challenges related to Godfall’s endgame experience: the only differences compared to the original version will therefore be represented by the missions of the singleplayer campaign and, with Also absent are the narrative missions of the Fire & Darkness expansion and the contents conveyed by the Ascendend edition, such as skins for weapons and shields.

All the characters of the Challenger Edition will then start from a level appropriate to the challenges to be faced in the endgame, allowing users to build the build more adherent to their own style of play through the free use of the skill points and weapons necessary for The playful experience of the new version of Godfall is about the challenges Stones of Light, Stones of the Dream, Tower of the Ascended Proofs and Carrier of Light.

One last note: as reported by the curators of the PlayStation Game Size portal, Godfall’s Challenger Edition would seem to occupy the same amount of data as Godfall’s original version, at least in its PS5 version. However, we remind those who follow us that Godfall Challenger Edition will be available free on PS Plus for PS4 and PS5, as well as on Epic Games Store for PC from tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7.

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