God Of War Strong On Steam: 50000 Players Active And 96% Positive Reviews

God of War has made his debut on Steam and is already getting the first, important audience results. Convinced by the goodness of PC porting (as also reported in our review of God of War for PC), tens of thousands of players have immediately plunged into Kratos’ Norse adventure.

The time we write, according to the statistics reported by the platform of Valve, are almost 50,000 active players (48.634 to be precise) on the title of Santa Monica Studio converted by Jetpack Interactive, which in the meantime has collected 96% of king These are great numbers that testify to a successful launch for the new version of God of War, which could record in the next few hours the absolute peak of active users for a Sony first party title: the record currently belongs to Horizon Zero Daw

What God of War has so far collected could be a further positive signal for the Japanese giant’s strategy of converting its own exclusives on PC, and it is therefore not to be excluded that further projects can make the leap in the future: the next on the list will be Un In the meantime, it seems that it was the PlayStation Studios that pushed Sony to the PC, according to Cory Barlog during an interview with Game Informer.

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