God Of War Ragnarok: Who Is Tyr’s Character?

In the God of War Ragnarok trailer, the boys at Santa Monica Studios showed the players some new characters with whom Kratos and Atreus will interact in their next adventure: we are talking about Thor, Tyr and Ang

Before proceeding, we remind you that by continuing with the reading you could stumble into important spoilers on God of War for PS4 and God of War Ragnarok, so we recommend you stop now in case you don’t want to ruin yourself

While Thor’s character, the Norse god of thunder, is famous and known by anyone now, also thanks to the cinematographic transpositions of the Marvel universe, and on our pages we have already talked about who Angrboda is in God of In Norse mythology, he is none other than the god of war, the son of Odin and half brother of Thor and Baldur. In contrast to the other Aesirs, Tyr took the side of the Giants during the war against Odin and the other Norse gods, helping them escape from Midgard to the kingdom of Jotunheim.

In the last chapter of the series published in 2018, Tyr never sees himself, also because according to Norse stories he would have been killed by Odin himself after helping his enemies, but his hidden altars help the player to discover the story of the nine kings According to the first hypothesis emerged after the trailer, Tyr would not pose a fearsome threat to Kratos and Atreus, but would instead be a valid ally of them. Is that really how it is?

To find out, we can only wait for the release of the next title of Santa Monica. In this regard, God of War Ragnarok’s release date on PS4 and PS5 may have leaked from the PlayStation Network database.

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