God Of War Ragnarok: To Which God Is Atreus?

The last chapter of God of War, set in Norse mythology, introduces the character of Atreus, the son of Kratos, the iconic semi-god protagonist of the series, and a woman belonging to the line

Before proceeding, we remind you that by continuing with the reading you could stumble into important spoilers on God of War for PS4 and God of War Ragnarok, so we recommend you stop now in case you don’t want to ruin yourself

Just like his parents, Atreus also has a divine nature: it is not a child like so many others but a god in all respects. In fact, during the final part of the game, it turns out that Atreus should have been called in another way, according to the will of his mother: the name designated was Loki, in mythology the Norse god of deception and wickedness. It becomes clear, then, that Kratos’ son is none other than this very particular mythological figure.

Following this revelation, it is possible to expect an even more important involvement of Atreus/Loki in the narrative of the next chapter of the series coming in 2022: there is in particular great curiosity in finding out what his role in Ragnarok

For further insight into the true nature of Atreus, its potential transformation into Loki and many other interesting ideas, we refer to our considerations about the final of God of War for PS4.

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