God Of War: Pc Ultra Vs Ps5, Video Comparison Shows Graphic Differences

With the expiry of the embargo for the publication of the review of God of War for PC, the first comparative videos that compare the version for Windows with Ultra settings and the one for PS5 with next-gen upgrades are obviously also available.

The video released by GameSpot USA allows you to take a look at the graphic differences between the two versions, with the PC version that has little improvements to the quality of textures and dynamic fog. There are differences also with regard to shadows while the American headboard points out that “the more or less saturated colors depend on the method of capture of the videos” and in fact there are no particular differences in that sense.

As pointed out by our Alessandro Bruni in the review of God of War, Jetpack Interactive (study that has dealt with the conversion for Windows) has done an excellent job in the optimization phase and the adventure of

Before leaving you, we suggest you take a look at the requirements of God of War PC version, the game will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store from January 14.

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