God Of War Pc: Kratos Is A ‘Bad Father’? A Review Triggers Social Controversy

Despite God of War’s success and mid-star rating on PC, the new version of the kolossal action adventure by SIE Santa Monica is not without criticism, such as those expressed in Kratos and his “bad example of a father”

The severity with which the conduct of the God of War towards his son Atreus was judged is feeding a heated discussion on social media, with many fans protesting for the evaluation of Siliconera on the porting PC of God of

In the review in question, to be honest, journalist Dani Maddox describes with a wealth of details and in a very calm and constructive way those who, in her opinion, represent the weak points of the conversion performed by God of War developers on

The pomo of discord, for users who are criticizing this analysis on social media, is represented by the paragraph in which the editor describes Kratos as a distant father and by the grumpy attitude, a hero with such a rude and unsavory The severe judgments on Kratos’ father figure are reflected in the final synthesis and, consequently, in the vote assigned by Siliconera: the 7 out of 10 of God of War’s porting PC is determined, at least in part, precisely by the fact that “K

We hope that the harsh tones of the controversy that is inflaming on social and industry forums will be dampened as soon as possible.

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