God Of War Pc: Fov Unlocked Via Cheat Engine Among The First Mod

With the arrival on PC of what, to say as Digital Foundry, is a sensational porting of God of War, the kolossal of SIE Santa Monica is inevitably cared for by modders. Among the first DLC fans made we find, for example, the system that unlocks the parameters to customize the FOV via Cheat Engine.

The creator of this amateur work is KingKrouchy, a user of the Reddit forum who decided to overcome the lack of the slider for the Field of View of the camera behind Kratos through, precisely, the

Because of the approach taken by the California subsidiary of PlayStation Studios in the use of the sequence plan in God of War as a founding element of his videogaming experience of a cinematic-like style, the incomer specifies that his mod for Without these limitations, the system devised by the incomer does not seem to present any further problems and allows to move the camera behind the God of War and to experiment with the new “widened” frame in the exploration sessions and in the combat phases

Waiting for further mods to make it much easier for those who want to modify the Field of View of the masterpiece action directed by Cory Barlog, we leave you in the company of our review of God of War on PC, a conversion

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