God Of War: Pc Controls And Conversion Challenges, Cory Barlog And Matt Dewald Speak

In a long interview with Game Informer’s colleagues, Santa Monica’s developers spoke about God of War’s PC version, focusing on many themes. Among the most interesting topics is the adaptation of mouse and keyboard controls between advantages, difficulties and customization.

During the interview, creative director Cory Barlog and senior manager Matt DeWald revealed many backgrounds on God of War’s development and adaptation on PC, focusing on the most important technical aspects. After the great success achieved on console, replicating the result by passing on mouse and keyboard in fact required a lot of work. In reply to colleagues about the difficulties facing this situation, DeWald replied: “We had enough, because we knew right away that on arriving on PC we should focus on this. We had to figure out what he was gonna look like. We were building a customizable interface where you could change every key. It’s not something that exists on consoles. There’s a lot of work behind this. But then figure out what default configuration to give? What was the most natural? One of the things we learned, for example, was the mode of passage that is usually on consoles, pressing the circle. As you jump through things, you cross barricades, you crawl through cracks or something, all alone with the circle. On PC we set the E key to interact, something common, but we found that during the tests, players tended to press the space to pass, despite the pop-up indicating to press E, to overcome obstacles with space was more So we went back and found all the crossing points that had some kind of jump mechanics to add the space option and work on that. It’s not something that happens on the console. Now we have two keys, E and space, which do the same thing. But it was natural that people would do it.”

Cory Barlog, with the style that distinguishes him, replied with a beat: “I’ll play it on my Bongo controllers.” Before leaving, please note that on Everyeye’s pages you can find our review of God of War for PC.

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