God Of War: Over 75,000 Players On Pc, Porting Required Two Years Of Development

God of War’s success for PC does not seem to diminish and after reaching 60,000 players active on Steam (overtaking Horizon Zero Dawn, another PlayStation Studios game) Kratos’ adventure and A

A success certainly not random since Sony has invested many resources in porting, as confirmed by Matt DeWald and Steve Tolin to the microphones of Digital Foundry. We discover that the conversion work lasted about two years, the Jetpack Interactive team is quite small but thanks to Sony Santa Monica’s support it was possible to speed up the development.

Santa Monica started experimenting with the PC platform in 2019, after the launch of the game on PS4, initially it was real experiments to understand how to bring God of War to Windows, but later the project became bigger and bigger and more

As confirmed by Digital Foundry, God of War for PC is sensational and the team confirms that they have worked hard to achieve these results, parts of code have been rewritten and support for technologies like AMD FidelityF has been added The final result? Definitely convincing as pointed out in our review of God of War for PC.

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